Mid Lake Protection & Managment District


Our History

Mid Lake Protection and Managment District History

“Realizing the need of continued improvement to the Mid Lake area and the Lake itself, the property owners of the land adjoining the Lake organized to form a Mid Lake Sanitary District #1. At that time, this was the only formal manner in which the property owner could direct and control the improvement activities that could take place on the water and adjoining lands. Soon after, the State of Wisconsin, by charter #NR-60, formed the Inland Lake Protection and Rehabilitation program which expressly provided for the organization of groups to control that body of water or area of which they were a direct part. Thus, by action taken at the July 1975 meeting, the residents decided to organize both as a Sanitary District and the Mid Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District, and to be known as a joint group in all forthcoming action to be taken.

The Town of Woodruff Town Board officially recognized the joint group at its meeting in January, 1976. All property owners of land bordering the lake are included in the district.”

Mid Lake Sanitary District #1 &
Mid Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District
Constitution and Bylaws
July 3, 1976

During the 1980’s The (Joint) Districts assumed a third co-entity. The by-laws were adapted to include the structures of a Lake Association. Throughout the structural adaptations, the purpose of the organization remained “to protect and preserve Mid Lake and its surroundings, and to enhance the water quality, fishery, boating safety, and aesthetic values of Mid Lake as a public recreational facility for today and for future generations. “ * The primary activity of the Mid Lake group of entities remained the control of nuisance aquatic plants through mechanical harvesting. This activity continues to this day as permitted and regulated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

In 2013, the Mid Lake Board proposed that the District simplify its structure to more closely conform to the evolving State of Wisconsin statutory requirements for what are now known as Public Inland Lake Protection and Rehabilitation Districts (Chapter 33 of Wisconsin State Statutes). The membership agreed to bring the former Association entity to a formal close on July 6, 2013. The Mid Lake Protection and Management District now operates solely as a Chapter 33 entity.

Over this time, Mid Lake visitors and property-owners alike have benefited from the leadership of lake residents and the actions of member volunteers to continuously monitor, study, plan and act to improve lake quality.