Board Meeting (updated)

Agenda - Mid Lake Protection and Management District Meeting

Who: Mid Lake Protection and Management District
What: Board Meeting
Where: Woodruff Town Hall/Conference Call or Zoom meeting
When: 6/8/2022 @ 7:30pm CST.

Zoom link.

Meeting ID: 885 4328 5626
Passcode: 538200

1. Call meeting to order
2. Approve current agenda with order of agenda items at chairs discretion.
3. Consider approval of minutes from 7/?/2021
4. Weed cutting operations and staffing
5. Treasury update
6. Extension and Scope Amendment of WI Grant ACEI-147-11
7. Open Discussion

Discussion of continuing to aggressively hand pull AIS when possible this summer following survey. Continuing active surveys to manage AIS. Discussion of future plans for boat landing monitoring and Clean Boats, Clean Waters. Discussion of Education portal online education/video education and informing membership.