Lake Name Change

From: Mid Lake Management and Protection District
Subject: Lake Name Change

Dear Mid Lake Property Owners,

The purpose of this letter is to obtain your opinion immediately. Recently an individual approached the town and county with a request to try and get our lake name changed from "MID LAKE" to "NAWAII" lake. There may be a petition initiated in an effort to get support for the idea.
I think for those of us who live on the lake it is essential we consider all consequences and impact it would result in.
1). the name was changed in the 1930's from Nawaii to Mid Lake, therefore some familiarity of approximately 70 or 80 years as being Mid Lake has been known not only by us but the general public as well.
2). would the town have to go through the expense of changing all road signs and fire numbers to reflect this change?
3). would we all have to change our official addresses, driver's licenses, financial records and deeds?
4). This idea apparently is coming from an individual who contacted the DNR and not a large mass of people at this time.
5). I have not heard of one significant reason for this change after having been the name of our lake for so many years.
While it is my personal opinion that I think we should demand our lake's name be kept as Mid Lake for many of the reasons cited above, I think it only fair that each of you has to respond with your own opinions.
To convey your opinions "for" or "against" this idea, please reply to Woodruff town Chairman Mike Timmons by any one of these means. Call 1 (715) 356-9421 or email It is important your responses be made before December 10th as that is when I believe the board will evaluate and discuss this matter.
Thank you for your time and addressing this important matter, 

Ed Bruner, Chairman, MLMPD