Board Meeting Minutes 9/23/20

Mid Lake Protection and Management District
Board Meeting
Wednesday, September 23, 2020
7 p.m.
Woodruff Town Hall
Board of Commissioners
Present: Ed Bruner (Chairman), Nick Iordachescu, and Mike Timmons (Town of Woodruff).
Present via video conferencing: Andy Bullock (Treasurer), Scott Bullock (Secretary), and Robert Grant
Not present: Oneida County; Bob Mott.

Ed Bruner called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m.

The agenda was reviewed by the quorum. Robert Grant motioned to approve and seconded by Nick Iordachescu. All approved. The meeting commenced accordingly.

Prior Minutes
The minutes from the early meeting on July 9, 2020 were. Minutes were motioned by Robert Grant and seconded by Nick Iordachescu. The minutes were approved and to be posted on Mid Lake District website.

Commissioner Term Changes
Board’s intent to have either the Treasurer or Secretary have a two year term. This will allow to the Lake District to have an election every year. There is nothing in Chapter 33 that says there must be an election every year. Chapter 33 does state:
33.28 (2) (c) – Commissioners are “elected by secret ballot by qualified electors and property owners within the district for staggered 3-year terms.
33.29 (3) “the Board, immediately after each annual meeting, shall elect a chairperson, secretary, and treasurer”
It was agreed that the agenda misused the terms Treasurer and Secretary because those positions are elected every year IAW Chapter 33. Currently, the Board is on an 3,2,0 election cycle. The Board was attempting to move to a 2,1,2 election cycle. It was suggested that a commissioner may resign at the two year mark, however that newly appointed commissioner would still only serve out the rest of the original term and it would not change the election cycle.
Ed Bruner brought up that he had spoken to Dan Butkus (North Central Region) and Mike Engleson (Executive Director) of Wisconsin Lakes. He said that in order to correct our staggering term one of our newly elected commissioners can take a two year term. Ed Bruner suggested that a commissioner can take a two year term. Currently, the election cycle is IAW Chapter 33 by having a 3,2,0 election cycle although a 2,1,2 election cycle is preferred it is not required. Although, Wisconsin Lakes verbally said it was possible it is unknown how to supersede the clear instruction in Chapter 33. It was agreed that this would not be possible to move forward and Ed Bruner said he would collect and provide more information. Will be an item to discuss at the next meeting.

Picnic 2021
Last annual meeting Ed Bruner asked for a committee to help with the idea of a picnic using district funds. Kelly McCann nominated her mother Mary McCann. Ed Bruner spoke with Mary McCann and she brought the idea up to several neighbors to socialize the picnic idea. According to Mary McCann were against using the District funds to pay for the picnic. Scott Bullock purposed to present it as an agenda item at the next annual meeting to have a fixed dollar amount be set aside for a District Picnic. Then the District members could vote whether or not they wanted to support the it. Mary McCann suggested that each person that wants to attend to provide money or a dish to share. If no Lake District funds are used and no official Lake District business is being conducted then this is a neighborhood social event is no longer considered a Lake District issue. Mike Timmons reviewed the By Laws and mentioned Article V Section 3, “INFORMATIONAL MEETING OR SOCIAL EVENT: The District may sponsor
a variety of meetings and events designed to provide educational, or social opportunities for its members and their guests. It may also sponsor fund-raising activities. If business is to be conducted at such events, the notice requirement for special meetings must be met.” So the By Laws would not be violated in this instance.

Ed Bruner mentioned that there is no means of communication with the property owners. Multiple attempts are made to try and get Lake Owners email addresses. Ed is going to try and work with Mary McCann in order to develop a database that has a current list of email addresses.

By Laws
Ed Bruner gave a historical synopsis when the District transitioned from Chapter 181 to Chapter 33. The Lake District is mandated to follow Chapter 33. Ed Bruner suggested to dissolve the By Laws and only operate Chapter 33. Mike Timmons suggested that By Laws are important because the fine tune Chapter 33 and makes it easily digestible for the Lake District members. Scott Bullock pointed out the By Laws need to be updated to be IAW with Chapter 33, however, the majority of Chapter 33 does not pertain our Lake District. Scott Bullock is updating the By-Laws so they are in accordance with Chapter 33 and will provide the updated version to the Board for discussion with the next Board meeting.

Next Meeting
Looking forward to the March 25, 2021 7:00pm CST board meeting, board terms and a proposed budget will be discussed. Mike Timmons is going to send Scott Bullock the template that the Town of Woodruff uses.

Financial Update (non-agenda item)
After reviewing the expenses from 2019 season, Andy Bullock mentioned the original Jumbo CD was at 2.5% that matured on September 8th 2020, that automatically was moved to another CD that matures on March 8th, 2021. That new CD is at 0.8% interest. There is no penalty for early withdrawal. That balance is approximately $114,000. Ed Bruner suggesting speaking with Karen McCabe at Associated Bank for recommendations.

At 8:06 p.m. agenda was completed and meeting was adjourned. Just to be sure Andy Bullock moved to adjourn the meeting that was already completed and Robert Granted seconded., the meeting closed (again).
Minutes recorded by Scott Bullock, Secretary.
These minutes were reviewed and approved at the Board Meeting on March 25, 2021 via Zoom and at the Woodruff Town Hall at 7 p.m.